Interim Management

If your organization

  • has lost a manager for a period of time,
  • need a strong temporary manager to lead / optimize an existing team or functional area,
  • need direct assistance to form a new team,

then I have exactly the competences and experience required to move in with short notice, analyze and define what’s needed and, if requested, move in and execute it in collaboration with you / your management team.

Through 25 years I have provided effective leadership to IT companies with more than 2.500 employees and gained strong competencies through positions like

  • Manager, leading teams (8 years) – DT Group, Microsoft, Verifone
  • Director, leading teams and groups (12 years) – Microsoft, NNIT
  • IT Director / CIO (5 years) – NNIT

I have built up and led new teams, delivery areas and organisations with main focus on on-time high quality deliveries, strong communication, clear goals, satisfied customers and happy employees (as that makes it all so much easier and fun).