Why Interim Management

The process from first contact to onboarding starts can be boiled down to less than a week

Quick start, short binding period, can be terminated immediately after binding period, can work part time, can hand over assignments to FTE’s at any time.

High competences
Actual parctical proven management competencies gained from 25+ years of genuine management experience form several diverse large international IT / Retail / Financial companies.

Decision maker
Can go beyond traditional management consulting and actually run teams and functional areas including making and executing on decisions and participating actively in management of high level areas.

Time optimized
Work as consultant thereby only getting paid for actual work. Furthermore doesn’t count as an employee with everything that includes (budget, benefits, 1:1’s, time off, salary etc.). From a financial perspective you have full transparency and only pay for work delivered.

MaaS – Management as a Service
You know what you get and use it as a service. You can scale it as needed and terminate when needed or if you are not fully satisfied.